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Nov 10, 2020

Mankind has its sights set on colonizing the planet Mars. Newly christened branches of the military are racing billionaires with expendable income to become the first to achieve permanent residence on the Red Planet. But the big question remains... what the hell are you supposed to do when you get there?!? Luckily hosts David and Felicia are your trip advisors for your Martian recreation. And with help from guest expert Ricci Bahia, we guarantee you will be satisfied. 

Ricci Bahia studied a masters in Geology with Planetary Science at the University of Manchester and went on to get a PhD there, titled "The Evolution of Surface Topography and Environment of Mars from Channel Networks".  He is currently working as a researcher for Rolls Royce examining the characteristics of dust in the atmosphere and how they damage jet engines - but - will be returning to Martian research in February, when he will be starting a Research Fellowship working for the European Space Agency.