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Oct 6, 2020

Despite their initial squeaky clean image, the "Fab Four" of John, Paul, George and Ringo evolved to be some of the most complex celebrities of their time. Our hosts David Fedor and Felicia Gillespie scour the history books for scandalous facts about The Beatles in our Top 5 Shocking Beatles Facts episode. Which ones are so shocking they even surprise our guest expert, author Sibbie O'Sullivan?

Sibbie O’Sullivan is retired Senior Lecturer in the Honors College at the University of Maryland. She is a book reviewer for the Washington Post, specializing in music, culture, and the arts.

Her book, My Private Lennon: Explorations from a Fan Who Never Screamed is a series of linked autobiographical essays that explore the musical, cultural, and personal aspects of intense music fandom, and offers a new point of view from which to consider the Beatles’ impact on society and on the individual.