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Nov 17, 2020

Once upon a time there was a brave explorer named David Fedor and an inquisitive adventurer named Anne Marie Sweeney who teamed up to seek the five most magical tales in the land. With a task so challenging, they were aided in their quest by revered scribe Libby Ward. Join them on their quest as the valiant trio discover the Top 5 Children's Books.

Libby Ward is an award-winning comedy writer, artist, and games producer. Some of her delightful work can been found on Cartoon Network's "Be Cool, Scooby Doo!," GSN's "Idiot Test," and most recently, the kid's science podcast, "Who Smarted?!"
She's most excited about her newly-released, bilingual children's book, Luchadormice, which focuses on themes of: diversity, cooperation, inclusion and love!