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Oct 27, 2020

It's the stuff of horror movies. You go into the hospital for routine surgery and come out missing an arm! Or with a DIFFERENT FACE?!? Anesthesia fears are often irrational, but that doesn't stop patients from thinking they might wake up in a bathtub and a pain where their kidneys once were. On this episode of List Rate Rank, our hosts David and Felicia draw inspiration from personal experiences to compile a scary collection of fears. They are joined by Dr. Renee Sunday to rank these Top Anesthesia Fears.

Dr. Renee Sunday is known as the Platform Builder. She is an Award-winning Board Certified Anesthesiologist , Media Personality, Publisher, Bestselling Author , Coach , Grief Counselor, Motivational Speaker, and an Anesthesiologist. Dr. Renee Sunday at her core is a humanitarian and has always been deeply inspired by helping others from all walks of life.